AND_5927-(1)Who Is Chad Smith?

Chad is an award winning Personal trainer, former competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter, and professional wrestler who has taken a few too many chairshots to the head. He has trained nearly 25,000 sessions over the course of his 20+ years in the business of fitness. When he’s not helping people look, feel, and perform better, he is building Lego sets with his son, reading comic books, or working daily to keep his wife from choking him in his sleep.

His column in the Herald Mail newspaper has been a must read destination both in print and online for the past 8 years. He has been featured regularly on local television, radio, and magazines, and is slowly working towards total global indoctrination and toppling nations…

…but first, he’d be happy to help you build some more muscle and lose some more fat with his simple, and effective training and nutrition system.

mission metabolism

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